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Cladding on a building not only provides a uniform appearance, it safeguards your home and office against elements and also adds aesthetically to the look of your property. However, cladding looks and works best only when it is clean with proper care, also increasing its lifespan.

With time, many factors including rain, wind, snow and pollutants, can cause long term damage resulting in scarring and weak spots in the cladding. On the other hand, moss growth, lichen and algae make the cladding appear unsightly. Permanent discolouration and corrosion will only result in costly replacement or spraying.

Therefore, it is advised to clean cladding at least once a year to prevent shabbiness, corrosion and keep it clean and well-maintained. For that matter, you will need a professional company with the right equipment and dedicated team such as Trusted Cleaning Services.

We Will Make Your Cladding Back to Life

Being a leading cladding cleaning company in UK, we clean multiple types of cladding including brick cladding, wood cladding, PVC and many more. Our method of cleaning depends on the cladding material.

  • We offer cladding cleaning using water-fed poles for effectively cleaning higher cladding in a safe and hassle-free fashion with purified water.

  • Jet washing from mobile platforms is also used when needed depending on the type of cladding and the access to the building. Our mechanic lifting system is controlled by IPAF Accredited Operatives to ensure safe and spot-on results.

Why Trusted Cleaning Services ltd?

  • Over 15 Years of hand-on experience of cladding cleaning in UK.
  • Offer nationwide cladding cleaning services in UK.
  • We use the latest equipment, and our processes are fully compliant with safety legislation with effectiveness being our prime concern.
  • Quality results at affordable rates.

So, if your cladding needs some expert care to bring it back to life, contact us today and enjoy a cleaned cladding that enhances the looks of your building, whether residential or commercial.

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